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Video Camera Lens

Our Mission


Everyone has a special story to tell. From small intimate weddings to Fortune 500 companies, everyone has a story. 


How a couple met for the first time.

Weekly social media posts from small businesses,

Government agencies in need of training videos.

Large Corporations needing to connect with the customer base.


The mission of Dynamic & Creative Media Services is to create original content that is relevant and engaging to individuals and brands. DCM creates, edits, and delivers your content for an array of social media platforms to increase awareness.


Efficient collaboration with our clients.

High quality videos at a cost small business can afford.

To contribute to our community through service.

To create and deliver memorable content.

Working with clients is one of the best things Dwayne Myers enjoys during the production process. As all projects need a certain amount attention and seriousness, Dwayne believes a lighthearted and "keeping it fun" approach not only makes the content memorable but the client interaction memorable as well.



Dwayne Myers has over 20 years experience in creating visual content for a broad audience. In his broadcast news career he has covered everything for Presidential visits  to local county fairs. Dwayne has worked under incredible shortened deadlines and extremely stressful situations. He also understands people. He has shot interviews in the living rooms of families on their best and worst days of their lives.  That experience gives him the delicate touch in every situation to see the job is done right.

Peace of Mind

Dynamic & Creative Media Services provided consistent update on your project. You never have to wonder where your project stands or completion date. DCM believes an informed client is the best served client. 

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